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Prevention and Treatment of Wrist Injuries

This page contains info about proper technique, position, flexibility and more, which help to prevent a whole set of guitar playing related injuries. From tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons) to carpal tunnel syndrome, swellings in the wrist, ganglions, to stressed and overburdened muscles and muscle fatigue.

It's easy to say: "I play the guitar and I have no problems, so why would I care?"
Well, thats the whole point, there's no indicator for your wrists stress level or injury development. Your body can handle it, all, up to a certain point and than its to late to prevent. Of course if you continue what you were doing you'll make things worse, but the injury is there, and your wrist is gonna be a weak spot for the rest of your guitar playing career.

So don't be neglecting and don't be naive and most of all, don't be stupid and read/watch:

Wrist position
When to stretch?

Symptoms and what to do?