03 December 2011

Creation of a song [EMU Shortboard / Cubase combo]

The making of a song. Piano, bass guitar, drums and guitar. When I show this: "Whowww, you play the keyboard very well." Well now the secret gets revealed. This is how I record a piano sound! Haha In this video I show you how I came up with the sound for a new song. I was inspired by my new creative EMU shortboard. I felt like I wanted to create a piano song. After I got the basic sound the project kinda stalled. I still dug up the video's because I think it's fun to share.


  1. Gay! Practice half an hour and you CAN play this chords!!!


    Xx kasper

    p.s. nice vid

  2. I have a guitar just like that!

    It's an Ibanez one, right? :D