11 September 2011

Jack Johnson Rhythmic Strum Tutorial

I tried to play a new song on my left-handed guitar. I had some troubles doing that JJ Rhythm were I used to be so fond of. It was time to take a good look at my right-playing technique.

To break it down, it's just like palm muting. So if you can't palm mute yet; learn that first. Second, just slap across the strings. It's like a karate-jab. Hit all the strings simultaneously with your pick and your palm. That`s the trick! Now all you need to do is practice. It's what I'm gonna do too. So prepare for a left handed rhythmic guitar play soon.


  1. That's a really nice tutorial on palm muting. You might want to consider making a separate video purely for that purpose as opposed to one mixed with a Jack Johnson tutorial. Also great camera work btw, very easy to see what you're doing.

  2. Strum-palm muting is one of those things - very hard to 'learn' but when you get it it becomes totally natural.

  3. WOw. I always wanted to learn guitar. I rly have to do this now..soo awesome : )
    nice Tutorial!


  4. Wow... that's great. I see you've changed your strings back to righthanded. Keep up the lefthanded play!! You were doin a great job.

    Also.. you might wanna take a look at this, play it from 3:37!


  5. @Anon, what a great find! It's awesome. I love the breaks @6.39 I like the bass too and I think the vocals are the least interesting of all.

  6. Totally useful! Thank you very much for sharing this wisdom! =D

  7. Was once very fond of Jack, still like his music very much! Always liked its very unique and calm melodies! Great tutorial!

  8. I absolutely love the camera angles you're using. The video is also very clear. Great quality video!


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