27 September 2011

Barre chords using your thumb

I was just recording something new, using my new toy. The EMU Shortboard 49 (if that has anything to do with the record). The sounds are from HalionOne. But, the shortboard is what gave me motivation to play. I did some nifty chords on the keys and I wanted to know how you would play them on the guitar. Especially the F#m/A.

So I grabbed my Ovation and went for it. Not wanting to hurt my wrist I figured out the most safe way to play. Using my thumb for the top two strings! Playing the chords like this I'm able to keep my wrist as straight as possible. What am I saying.. I'm bending it the other way! First thing I did was look on google, and well, it's nothing new. But it is.. new.. to me.. and I like it. So here you go, a video which is also featuring part of my new recording. I hope this will be a song I can finish. So many times it happens that I start something but can't finish it.

23 September 2011

EMU Shortboard User Review

I was looking for a small midi controller. On my search for a controller I met the EMU Shortboard. I think this controller looks great. Warm white. Slick and stylish.
It's a controller with a little extra because it also has it's own soundbank with the most commonly used Proteus sounds. Seeing the $300 $120 price tag I felt a nice vibe and went for it. Did this shortboard meet my expectations? Find out in this post!

11 September 2011

Jack Johnson Rhythmic Strum Tutorial

I tried to play a new song on my left-handed guitar. I had some troubles doing that JJ Rhythm were I used to be so fond of. It was time to take a good look at my right-playing technique.