07 August 2011

Consequences when a scholarship ends

One year ago I got my bachelors degree Civil Engineering. I could be working 5 days a week right now, but I chose not to do so and study some more. The first year was hard, on my pocket. But the Dutch government still supported me with a small scholarship and a partial loan. Next year they won't. And I'll be forced to give up my own house, to move out and move in with my parents again. In their house, we'll be dividing the room at the top floor in two. One part will be my room for the coming year and probably a second year too.

With my interests in music, my home studio and the occasional jam there'll be a lot of sound coming from my room (from time to time). The other side of that top floor will become my brothers room. I have these $200,- each studio monitors. Two big speakers. My bro, on the other hand, has his home theater set. Small crappy speakers and a horrible sub-woofer. I hate these things with their loud mid-basses. My bro doesn't really have an ear for music, so he'll just turn the bass up loud, ads some treble and thinks he's got the sound of the world. This annoys me much.

What I want to say: I've been spending a lot of time figuring out how to get my room as sound proof as possible. After a lot of research, I'm close to figuring it out. So in the next couple of weeks, prepare for some nice and insightful articles on that topic.


  1. Sounds proofing has always interested me. Since my sleeping pattern is always messed up over the holidays I need to soundproof my room so I don't wake everyone else up. Looking forward to some articles on that!

    Sorry to hear they aren't paying your scholarship as of next year mate. Best of luck and hope the holiday's going well!

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