08 May 2011

Guitar Photography for a Guitar Blog

Starting this blog I knew I needed great pictures for the layout to fit my style. So I went to my moms house, stole (borrowed without asking) her Canon pro-cam, and shot away.

To fall back on the story. I used to play the guitar. I'm right handed. But having a 'what seems to be' permanent left wrist injury, I can't grab the chords anymore, without hurting myself.

After a while I figured I go play the guitar left-handed, using my good hand, my right hand, to grab the chords. It's hard. It's boring. So to keep my motivation high: I need this blog!

Do you like my progression, and the things I'm playing? Don't hesitate, pick up that old guitar, or buy a cheapo and follow along. Ask away. The first exercise I did is up here!

Anyway back on the photo's. I shot pics for the blog. I like them, guess it would be fun to share.

I thought I might use these fine flowers, but didn't. Still I like the picture. much.

Pre background of the website

Did you notice both my guitars trademark looks are in the blogs logo?


  1. The use of the guitar looks in the logo makes that logo soo much cooler.

  2. Some great shots there. I was waiting for you to post something new =)

  3. You are doing spectacularly!

  4. Very cool! Tha background is awesome btw

  5. Nice pictures.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. nice guitars, you also good in guitar hero? :P

  7. Very nice pictures :)

  8. love the black acoustic, damn i gotta buy one