29 April 2011

Spicing up the song | Mario - Let me love you

Using the capo in the third fret, it's easy to play Mario's 'Let me love you'. In fact if you don't have someone singing to it, it may become boring.
With my regular guitar I tried to spice up the song a bit. And make it more interesting to play.
The chord-forms using a capo are: | Am | Em | D | D :|
Without a capo the real chords are (+3) | Cm | Gm | F | F :|
Lets see how far I will get with the left.


  1. Sometimes you've gotta spice things up!

    And who makes the guitar you had at the beginning of the video? Looks interesting.

  2. It's an Ovation Elite-T. The nicest guitar I've ever played. Very light. Also small but with a lot of sound.

  3. lol, great video... "AND I WILL USE MY PINKY!"

  4. I love that song but that was a nice rendition too! Nice