29 April 2011

Spicing up the song | Mario - Let me love you

Using the capo in the third fret, it's easy to play Mario's 'Let me love you'. In fact if you don't have someone singing to it, it may become boring.
With my regular guitar I tried to spice up the song a bit. And make it more interesting to play.
The chord-forms using a capo are: | Am | Em | D | D :|
Without a capo the real chords are (+3) | Cm | Gm | F | F :|
Lets see how far I will get with the left.

01 April 2011

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar (ft. Matthew Santos) [RnB Chords]

Some tune I did a while ago on the diatonic harmonica. When my wrist hurt I would stop playing barre chords and find ways to play songs by open chords. So I changed the chords a bit, FM7 is easier to play open than F. I would recommend every beginner to get a CAPO as soon as you can. It allows you to play to way more songs with the open chords you already know.

I didn't need my right handed guitar with this. You can still make quite some music when barely able to play open chords. The bass loop is inspired by one of Kasper Burger's and thats a bass loop he did on one of my chord progressions haha.

You should already be familiar with this open DM7 if you also practiced 'Une Belle Histoire'. This is great, I'm learning to play the guitar lefthanded by just playing songs I like and at the same time there's this linked build-up level of difficulty being created. It might as well become a method.