18 March 2011

Michael Bolton - Ready for You [Chords]

First off I'm showing these tabs as I played them left-handed. I can't play barred chords yet. So, what I'm saying, if, you can play barred chords, than just do so and don't play these rip-off chords that I had to play.

Something theory, the base [root] note is gonna determine the name of the chord, and the overall sound of the chord. In a lot of pop songs a bass guitar just plays the root note of a simple minor or major chord. In this song its a bit more difficult.

Example: a C-Major is build up from the following notes: C-E-G , doesn't matter in which order, as long as the lowest note is gonna be a C-note. So if you have a bass player, the guitar could also just play E-G-E-G, but with the bass guitarists low C the chord in the song would still sound and feel like a C-major.
Now, for example a Am7 consists of the notes A-C-E-G, so if the guitarist plays an C-major (C-E-G) but the bass-guitar plays a low A, the sound and feeling of the chord would be that of an A minor 7th.

Chord names
I'm naming the chords as they are played in the song, together with the bass note. But in my left-handed open-chord playing attempt (chords diagrams) I couldn't play all the full chords, so if you play this song as Tom-Lefty and you don't have a bass player with you, you would miss some of the feeling of this song. But its still close to the original.
If you are an advanced guitar player, find the best shape-position for the chords names on your own.


Artist: Michael Bolton
Song: Ready for You
Key: A Major

In short these are the chords:

F#m add9 | Bsus2 | F#m/A | G#m |

A | E | F#m | D - F/D

I'd recommend you play them using a capo on the 4th fret.
Chords would look like this:

...F#madd9 - Bsus2 - F#m/A - G#m
e |---5-------7-------5-------4-----|
B |---7-------7-------7-------4-----|
G |---6-------6-------6-------4-----|
D |---6-------4-------7-------6-----|
A |---4-----------------------6-----|
E |---------------------------4-----|


e |--5----7-----5-----5------5------|
B |--5----9-----7-----7------6------|
G |--6----9-----6-----7------5------|
D |--7----9-----4-----7------4------|
A |--7----7-----------5-------------|
E |--5------------------------------|

There's also a bridge in the song that I haven't played. I've been told these are the chords.

|D - - - |Bm9 - - - |F#m - - - |B/D# - - - |
|D - - - |Bm9 - - - |F#m - - - |E7 - - - - |

If you're looking for the chord-diagrams and some more info about the chord names than follow the link to the next page..