15 March 2011

Bruno Mars - Just the way you are

Yesterday I came up with an Idea. Actually, there where a few ideas floating around in my mind. I wanted to try a song I liked on the left handed guitar, I thought about using the capo.
It's also been a while since I played something new on the harmonica. I even got a mail from someone on youtube asking me to record another song with the harmonica :)!
And last of all, I had the idea of playing with a couple of 'me' together. Well those ideas came together, and here... the result:

I transposed to song to C-Major. The chords are: C-Am-FM7-C(+highG). Tom regular started fingerpicking the chords, while Tom Lefty stroke the chords at each first count. At the chorus Tom regular starts to strum the barred chords while Tom Lefty does some 'pulling on the strings' lol.

Anyway, also for who likes to know (ultra-noobs only, else you should try to find it yourself, don't be lazy, you'll get better at it!). Just the way you are (cropped version) - Lyrics plus the melody (in C): I'll add later :P